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If you’re looking to reduce cellulite on your tush or thighs, slim your waistline, slenderize your arms, lose fat under the chin or at your back, TushToners is the NON-INVASIVE body contouring studio for you!

Virtually everyone sees some inch loss on their first session, especially in the stomach area. However, the service is NOT for everyone. If you have any metal implants, cancer, blood disorders, are pregnant, nursing or have thyroid problems it is not best suited for you.

To achieve optimal results, most people need 3-10 sessions per area depending upon their goals and starting point, however, most people see improvements on their first session! Remember, fat and cellulite were not created in a day, so it takes more than one session to reduce it. Consistency is key with body contouring. To achieve the best results book sessions once a week but no more than two weeks apart.

Ultrasonic Cavitation – breaks down fat cells through ultrasonic waves. Vibrations are created under the skin causing it to warm and liquefy the fat, making it easy to naturally drain through the lymphatic system. You can expect a warming sensation and a low buzzing in your ear during the service.

Radiofrequency – tightens skin via radiofrequency energy & stimulates collagen production. This helps to shrink and tighten the broken fat cells. You will feel a warm and static-y sensation in the area during the service.

The services provided are noninvasive, meaning it does NOT affect the tissues underneath the skin, only the subcutaneous layers of fat. IT IS NORMAL TO GET RED AFTER as heat is the mechanism used to shrink the fat cells. Though not everyone will feel redness, if it occurs it can last a few hours to a few days.

*All Sales are Final. No refunds. Sessions must be complete within 6 months of purchase*

What will your after pICs look like?

“I’m a busy mom who tries to work out and eat healthy as much as possible, however, that still wasn’t enough. TushToners has really done the trick and given my body what working out and dieting alone couldn’t.”

– Jessica, 38, Chicago

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