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What is ultrasonic body cavitation?

Weight loss and enhancing your personal image is a common goal, strived for by many all over the world. Thanks to scientific and technological advancements, that dream is now much more easily attainable to the masses, and no longer just … Read More

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5 Best lower ab workouts

Getting tight and toned lower abs is definitely considered by many, the ultimate fitness goal since it’s one of the hardest to achieve. Experts suggest that to show muscle definition in that area, you have to combine a well-balanced diet … Read More

Is body cavitation safe and effective?

When it comes to non-invasive, non-surgical cosmetic treatments like body cavitation, there are usually minimal risks and dangers involved. Body cavitation is an excellent alternative to liposuction, given how the latter is an invasive, “under the knife,” surgical procedure usually … Read More

What causes love handles?

They might be called love handles, but they certainly aren’t something that people love or are particularly fond of! Love handles, AKA ‘muffin top,’ is the skin or the area of stubborn fat that extends from the hips and the … Read More